Australian PR 189 - Proof of functional English

Hi Anil,
What are the documents that can be used as a proof of functioanl English for Australian PR for the spouse.
Can I use the marksheets/ certificates till 12th which states English as a subject studied?
Can I ask this query to the case officer by replying to his email?

Hi @Rohit_Rohit

This has been answered earlier here:

Thank you Anil for the response.

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Hi Anil,

In the document section there is button with statement “I confirm I have provided information as requested”. On clicking getting the attached message.
Does that mean if they want some information again, they will send communication. Or should I not cluck that unless I have clarified with them if they need anything else.IMG_20181214_174024255

If you have provided all information that they requested, then you can submit it.

It is your choice is you still want to confirm and then want too submit.

Question for you:

  1. Were you asked by CO to submit proof of English for spouse?

  2. What other documents have been asked?

  3. What visa type is it like 189 or 190?

  4. Can you share visa Submit date and CO query date?

  1. Yes for Spouse
  2. No other documents
  3. 189 visa type
  4. Oct 1st, and documents were requested on 14th Dec.

So in case they are not satisfied with wht I have uploaded, they will again send request?

Yes, they should ask again.