Address proof for passport renewal


For Indian passport renewal in USA.
For Address proof: can I submit month to month lease? If so on my month to month lease - it has expiry date of feb 29. However it has a note saying this lease shall continue until terminated. Is this document acceptable as address proof ? Please help.

I am not changing my indian address on the passport. Do I still need to give some indian address proof? Their checklist states that: “Indian Address Proof ( If applicant wants to add /change Indian Address)”

Please help about the expiry date. I need to ask for new month to month lease document ?

Why do you think that an expired lease will be accepted?

For Indian passport renewal in USA. I don’t have Indian address proof and I want USA address to print on passport. In this case do I need to select add/change of address yes and submit USA address copy?

Hi @vka1989

If your current passport has Indian address printed, then yes, choose ‘address change’.

@Anil_Gupta . I have a question on spouse details in passport reissue . i recently married and i don’t want to add spouse name in the passport . CKGS form has an option to select to add spouse or not, but when i am filling government NRI form there is no option. the form only has option marital status. if i select married, spouse name should be the mandatory to add.