Address proof for passport renewal


For Indian passport renewal in USA.
For Address proof: can I submit month to month lease? If so on my month to month lease - it has expiry date of feb 29. However it has a note saying this lease shall continue until terminated. Is this document acceptable as address proof ? Please help.

I am not changing my indian address on the passport. Do I still need to give some indian address proof? Their checklist states that: “Indian Address Proof ( If applicant wants to add /change Indian Address)”

Please help about the expiry date. I need to ask for new month to month lease document ?

Why do you think that an expired lease will be accepted?

For Indian passport renewal in USA. I don’t have Indian address proof and I want USA address to print on passport. In this case do I need to select add/change of address yes and submit USA address copy?

Hi @vka1989

If your current passport has Indian address printed, then yes, choose ‘address change’.

@Anil_Gupta . I have a question on spouse details in passport reissue . i recently married and i don’t want to add spouse name in the passport . CKGS form has an option to select to add spouse or not, but when i am filling government NRI form there is no option. the form only has option marital status. if i select married, spouse name should be the mandatory to add.

@Anil_Gupta, really appreciate you helping! My passport is expiring in January and would like to get it renewed in San Francisco, preferably thru Tatkal service.
My current passport has an Indian address and I don’t have any documents to support that. I have US residence proof (utility bills)

  1. Is it mandatory opt for change in address in this case and mention US address? Or is there a way I can let that old India address remain?
  2. When I opt for Tatkal, it doesn’t give me an option to change my address. Does that mean, I can not opt for Tatkal in this case?