Your appeal was dismissed and the original decision on your case

I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into provide valuable information for everyone.

My H1B amendment + extension was submitted on Aug 6, 2018 and USCIS received it on August 7, 2018. My employer did not mention about submitting any appeal recently. Earlier today I received status update email and it states the following.

Does this mean an RFE is being issued? Application is denied?

Please provide your thoughts/comments. Thank you!

Appeal Was Dismissed
Your appeal was dismissed and the original decision on your case, Receipt Number WAC18xxxxxxxx, remains the same. On January 31, 2019, we sent you a notice about this action. If you do not receive your notice by March 2, 2019, please contact the appellate authority directly. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

Next Steps:
We will mail our decision to you. The notice will explain any action you need to take.

It looks like a system update mistake. Appeal is dismissed after you explicitly appeal against a denial decision.

Since you never received any result, it most probably is wrong status from USCIS.
Don’t worry, it happens sometimes.

But, chances are high that you receive an RFE now.