Working from home for h1b with no employer office in that state or city

I am a Master’s student in the US. I will graduate in December. My employer is based in California but my boyfriend lives in New York so I am planning on working from NY.

H1B working from Home with no employer office in that state or city

But my employer does not have an office there. I read that this should be fine as long as the address on LCA lists my home address.
But I was wondering if this would affect my chances of getting h1.

Any advice is appreciated.


Yes, you can work from home on H1B if your home location is listed and approved in your h1B application:

H1B approval chances with work from home location

The chances of approval are same as for any other H1B application.
All depends on the paperwork submitted by your employer.

Your LCA, prevailing wage and H1B should be approved for your home address.


Thank you for the quick reply!

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