Will USCIS reuse Biometric for h4 extension - covid 19?

We applied h1b, h4 and h4-ead on Apr 19, 2020
RD for all three : Apr 22
Centre : Texas
Didn’t receive biometric appointment till now.
Last year in Jun 2019 we have given biometric for h4 extension in US.
Could you please let us know, are they going to reuse my biometric for h4 extension and h4 ead.
Anuradha Suresh

USCIS might reuse your last year’s Biometric for your H4 extension.

If they do, they will send a letter to confirm it.

Thanks for the response.


We received our H4 (self + toddler ) visa extension receipt number in April 2020, however we havent received our Biometrics appointment letter yet.
Below are the concerns:

  1. Is there a way my husband H1 primary applicant can contact USCIS to check the status of the Biometrics appointment ? Any phone number or email id to contact USCIS.
  2. My husband got a different project and we will move to a different state , how do we ensure the mailing address is updated with USCIS so that the Biometric letter goes to the new residential address in the new state we will shift.

Kindly help and advise, greatly appreciate in these pandemic crisis times.
Thanks and Regards,

Hi @Rim

Get the USCIS contact on their website.

Biometric centers are currently closed and that’s the reason you have not received the appointment letter.

You can change your address online on USCIS website for EAD.

Thank you so much Anil for your guidance.
One last query, my husband is scheduled to move to different state and his visa extension cum amendment has been filed.
Does 240 days notice after my visa expiry in March is applicable to me and what if I dont get my H4 extension approved based on my H1 husband current petition, can I file another extension end of this year once my husband received his new H1 approved extension, so that i dont go out of status ?