Will H1B transfer premium processing be done after RFE in case of suspension?

My new employer filled H1B transfer through premium processing. I got an rfe on 19th March. When we reply to the RFE will it still be considered in premium processing, given that uscis suspended all h1b premium processing?

I am in a similar situation.

I got rfe in my L1 Extension in premium Processing…Will my response to RFE Considered as Premium ?

USCIS will process existing premium applications in premium timeline. Don’t worry.

Thanks Anil for the response

How much time does USCIS Give to respond to RFE Cases?

Is it 90 day’s or it can be less too?

Premium cases receive result in 15 days once you submit RFE response.

Hey Anil,

I wanted to know how many days does USCIS give to reply to RFE for premium I-129 Petitions ?

60-90 days based on the documents that they are requesting. 60 days is common.

Hey Anil,

Thanks for responding to all my request quickly.

I had a question as my application was in premium mode .My company is planning to reply to RDE by June 1st week.Will my RFE response be processed in premium as USCis has suspended premium services

RFE response is also processed in premium 15 days.

Hey @Anil_Gupta,Please help me below question ?

**RFE Received:**17th March 2020

In my RFE Request from USCIS its writes 12th June 2020 as the RFE Deadline.

Does this date include the 2 months time liberty that USCIS is giving because of covid-19 or we need to add 2 months to this date as the deadline.

I am skeptical because my extension was filed in regular and later converted to premium and normally USCIS does not give 3 months to respond to RFE if the application is premium.Ideally the reply time is less.

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Can you’ll please help me with this above question. ?

RFE response time given by USCIS is normal irrespective of premium or regular application.

You should get an extra 60 days if your receipt date falls in the dates that USCIS allowed for extra time to respond to RFE.

Thanks for the information Anil.

Hi @Anil_Gupta ,

One quick question ? How much time does it normally take to receive response after submission of RFE in premium.

My RFE was received according to the site on 25th June 2020 ate night and till now I didnt get any reply.

I just want to know the average time based on the cases you have seen in past?

Hi @Anil_Gupta

I read this article of yours.

Last time I got my RFE which was later converted to premium and I got response in 7 days.

But Y is it taking time when I sent the RFE Response to USCIS…

Is this normal ? Have you seen cases like this before.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Can you please let me know about this ?

Your employer has access to premium email address for checking case status. Ask them to email and ask why premium is taking more time.