Will H1B transfer premium processing be done after RFE in case of suspension?

My new employer filled H1B transfer through premium processing. I got an rfe on 19th March. When we reply to the RFE will it still be considered in premium processing, given that uscis suspended all h1b premium processing?

I am in a similar situation.

I got rfe in my L1 Extension in premium Processing…Will my response to RFE Considered as Premium ?

USCIS will process existing premium applications in premium timeline. Don’t worry.

Thanks Anil for the response

How much time does USCIS Give to respond to RFE Cases?

Is it 90 day’s or it can be less too?

Premium cases receive result in 15 days once you submit RFE response.

Hey Anil,

I wanted to know how many days does USCIS give to reply to RFE for premium I-129 Petitions ?

60-90 days based on the documents that they are requesting. 60 days is common.