Why applicant could not apply for renewal of passport in time - H4 extension pending


I am trying to extend my kid’s Indian passport(which is going to expire in Jan 2020).

Recently I have transferred my employer and transfer got approved. Still my dependent transfer is in progress and decision is pending with USCIS.

I am filling passport application for my kid and I saw a option of legual proof of status file with Pending approval with USCIS. I am planning to renew my kids passport with my kid’s I797 notice of recept. and started filling the application.

While filing the application, I see a form “Affidavit for No Status form” and with in that I see below question
Q) why applicant could not apply for renewal / reissue of his / her passport in time?

for this question what should I mention. please advice.

You have to just write that “Applied H4 extention with USCIS before i94 and approval is pending”.

This is enough. No issues.

Thanks for your Response. but the question looks like why the Passport is not renewed/ re issued with in time?, for my kid the passport is expiring in jan 2020. so we are do it in time only.

Do you think answer “H4 Transfer applied with valid I94 and approval pending with USICS” is appropriate to that. Please advice.

As far as I know, there is no other valid reason. Rest is your choice on what you want to write.