Where is CKGS Fedex return shipping label?

Hi Anil

I chose CKGS “to and fro” shipping service through Fedex, but I dont have the return label number showing on in “my account”.

It only displayed the shipping label that I used to send my passport renewal application to CKGS. How will I be able to track my passport ?

Second, whenever I go to “My account” it doesn’t accept my Web reference number printed on receipt but when I put Government online Form webfile number, surprisingly it accepts that… Is that normally the case…?

  1. The return shipping label is generated by CKGS when they are ready to send your renewed passport to you.
    You will get an email from CKGS with the tracking number whenever they generate one.
    So, you are okay at this time to send the package to them.

  2. Yes, this is normal.