When can i expect my PERM PWD approval?

i file my perm green card case in the begin of October 2018 and i still haven’t receive my prevailing wage determine my attorney said we can receive it any time now may i know when can i expect it to receive it its been more than 4 months

Your attorney is right and you can expect your PERM PWD approval anytime now.

We track daily PERM and PWD processing times here:

Thanks a lot for help 1 more thing can you tell me how long it take more to receive it according to your experience

I already said in my previous answer that you can expect PERM PWD approval anytime now.

oh okay Thanks again


Mine was requested in the beginning of Nov-2018. Just waiting for it. Could you please let me know when yours is approved,So that I can figure out time frame for my case. your help is so much appreciated,

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