What are available options for H1B extension beyond 6 years with 5 months remaining on H1B


I am currently residing with a PR in canada and have 5 months remaining on my previous 6 year H1B. If i get a job in US, What are the options i have to continue to work beyond 5 months ?

Can i go for US visa with a H1B application acknowledgement? or do i need to wait until H1B approval?

Answered here earlier:

Canada PR does not help in H1B extension as such.

Hi Anil, Thank you for the prompt reply.

So in my case i have only 5 months of H1B left and not 1 year. So can if i get my H1B approved, and immediately apply for PERM. If my PERM gets processed witin 5 months along with I-140, i will be eligible for extensions again correct?

Since i would need H1B visa to work back in US, can i go for on H1B acknowledgement? Can PERM and H1B be processes in parallel?

Yes, you would need to get both PERM and i140 approved to get H1B 7th year extension.

PERM is for future job and can be filed separately.
But, most US companies will file PERM only if you have joined them with H1B visa.

Thank you Anil. Can you suggest me the best way i can proceed with my case in terms of H1B, PERM and I-140 processing given the time limit i have on current H1B?

Not sure what you mean by ‘best way’.

If the purpose is to stay in US beyond 6 years, then you have to have PERM and i140 approved in your case.
Since, you have spent considerable amount outside US, you can ‘recapture’ that time to meet the PERM 365 day requirement.

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