Visitor Visa for my mother, sister and her family

My husband is on H1 visa (stamp expired) and has a valid petition until 2021. I am on H4 and do not work. I travel usually yearly for a month or two vacation. This year I would like to invite my mother and my sister and her family.

Father expired a year ago. Mother runs a small business and sister and her husband work in IT; they have a 4 year old daughter.

How do they apply for visitor visa (all 4), I mean do I have to provide any supporting letters or documentation?

They have bank balances enough to support themselves for a month’s trip and I can submit some more proof of funds as well.

Points of concern:

  1. Since my father is no more, shall VO consider my mom has immigration intent?
  2. Since I am not working but MY mom and sister’s family are applying who are in-laws to my husband, how would the VO consider their application. This is not a chained migration, but still.

What are the chances of approval in cases like these. How to better the chances of approval if they are slim at all. None in my family or husband’s applied for a visitor visa in these changed times, hence more worried. GC was not applied for my husband.

B1/B2 sponsorship for In-laws

Your husband can sponsor your family (his in-laws) for B1/B2 visa with no issues.

Mother Visitor visa

I don’t see any issue with your mom’s visa and the intent due to her age.

The problem may come for your sister and her family though as they are young and Visa Officer may think that they might not return.

You can still apply visa for all and take the chance.

I thoroughly appreciate your prompt response :smiley:

How to have better chances for approval for sister’s family.

There is nothing specific you can do to improve the chances as such.

Their age and their work profile are probably going to be the only issue.

If me and my husband are on H1 and are here in the US for quite sometime, are we expected to sponsor the visa or can the visitors themselves apply? Which way is better?

Hi @RaghuVamsaSudha

It depends on the financial status of your parents. If they can sponsor themselves, then they can do it themselves.

If you are paying for their trip, then it is better that you sponsor them.

My sister’s family and mom have funds enough to visit us themselves. Is it a good idea to show they are by their own or should we sponsor their trip? Which way has better approval rates?

Hi @RaghuVamsaSudha

Both are fine and have same chances of approval.