Valid H4 EAD but I94 expiring

Hi Anil,
My H-1B is valid till Dec 2022 but my I-94 is expiring due to passport expiry. My employer already filed H1 extension along with H-4 and EAD. My wife’s I-94 is also expiring in July along with mine. Couple of questions

  1. Can she continue to work beyond July if we don’t get approval prior to I-94 expiry using 180 days auto extension rule?
  2. Are they giving H-1 and H-4 approvals together (Is biometric still required)
  3. What are our options to get I-94 extended for H4 if only H1 approval comes before expiry? can she cross the border and comeback to get a new I-94 even if her H-4 extension is in progress? is SENTRI center an option without crossing the border (even if H-4 extension in progress)

No. You will need valid H4 for 180 days automatic extension for EAD.
You can process H1B in premium and then extend the H4 at Mexico or Canada border. Then apply for EAD and you will get automatic extension for 180 days.

No, however biometric is waived off.

See above.

They only fix I-94 discrepancy.

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions. Very helpful!