Use Same skill letter for future EB3 to EB2 PERM as well?

Hi Anil

I am currently drafting my skill letter in the template provided by TCS.

I am also working on creating job description along with my manager/attorney.

My attorney is asking me to narrow down the skill set requirement to specific domain (w.r.t my current job, say marketing for instance) so as to avoid getting too many applications.

I understand that the skill letter should be in sync with the job requirement.
So if I get a skill letter that speaks about the skills that I have worked on specific domain, I fear that I won’t be able to use that letter anywhere else in future.

Although my current employer is filing GC in EB3 category, it is likely that in a couple of years my GC will be upgraded to EB2 when I get promoted (worst case I may even have to switch company after I140 stage).

My TCS manager is okay to approve anything that I fill in. So I just want to make best use of it.

How do I make sure that the letter provided by TCS holds good for my future PERM as well?


You are essentially asking me to define your future job requirements!
You need to understand the purpose of skill letter for GC and you will find the answer yourself.

At this time, this skill letter needs to PROVE your current skills that you are claiming to be fit for CURRENT job offer.

In the future, if you try to move to EB2 and need to prove the relevant skills at that time, your most recent work should be able to support it I.e. a skill letter from your current company and not TCS.

You only need to provide this letter from past 5 years of work.

You understand what I am trying to say?

Person’s skills can change over time if he works in multiple projects or companies. This letter is only to prove that you do have those skills that you are using to file for GC.

Thanks for the response, Anil.

I am using multiple skill sets in my current company apart from my core skill sets. Will it be an issue if I include everything in the skill letter provided we have a job description matching it? Is it a problem to have many skill sets provided the job requires it?

There is no problem in writing everything except that you will be confusing more than convincing the authorities.

Your attorney (the one who is preparing documentation for your Green card) can guide you in a much better way on what to write and what NOT.

Remember, this skill letter is NOT for a job posting. It is for Green card processing. You will NOT need to show it to any company that you may want to join in future.

It is best to write the skills that you ARE claiming for green card eligibility. Neither less or nor more is going to help your cause.