USCIS has deducted H4EAD application fee, Does it mean they started H4EAD processing?

Thank you Anil for clarification , it helps me in taking decision on premium processing.

USCIS has deducted H4EAD application fee, Does that mean they already started H4EAD processing? or it is usual process? Can you confirm.

H4 EAD fees deduction is just the first step and is done when USCIS enters your application data in theur system.

The processing time will still take the its own time. You can tack it here:

Thank you Anil, I believe these processing times are applicable for individually filed H4 EAD cases. I have filed H4 EAD along with H1 Extn + H4 Extn ,
Do I need to add these timings after H1 and H4 extension approved ? Or Do I need to consider H1 Extension processing timings?

Please clarify.

Normally, you should add the H1B and H4 extension approval time before H4 EAD time.

But, we have seen in many cases that H4 EAD is approved pretty quickly once H1B and H4 extensions are approved.

Thank you Anil, I really appreciate your assistance on clarifying all our questions.


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