Update pending H1B extension to add i140 for time after 6 years?


H1B extension filed December 2018 on normal process. My PERM is approved January 2019 and filed I-140 in February 2019. I will be completing 6 year by April 2019.

Is there a way to updated my H1B extension with my PERM and I-140 details ? as I will be completing my 6 years H1 timeline by April 2019

I think your current H1B extension would have been filed only for the period up-to April 2019 as you are completing 6 years quota.
Confirm this with your employer.

You cannot send PERM and i140 information to USCIS unless they ask you for it using RFE.

You will have to file new H1B extension application to request new H1B 3 year approval using approved i140.

Hi Anil,
Thank you for the reply. My H1B is filed for next 3 years
so here best option would be applying 2nd H1?

I do not understand how your H1B has been filed for 3 years without i140 approval and you are about to complete 6 years.

Are you sure about it?

If that’s the case, then why are you worrying about i140 at all?

Because I can’t stay after completing 6 years

That’s what I am also saying.
But, you are saying that your employer has filed for H1B extension of 3 YEARS, which is not allowed as per 6 year rule.

Check with your employer first.

In any case, you will need to file a new H1B extension for period after April 2019 along with approved i140.

Sure, I will talk to my employer
Thank you

Hi Anil,

I talked to my employer and upgraded to premium with approved I-140 and latest work order as my contract is extended to next month

Here my question is whatever we are following is that correct or do we need to file fresh H1 on my approved I-140

Did you check with your employer as to how much time have they requested in your current H1B pending application?

I can’t guess it. Sorry.

3 asked for 3 years :frowning:

I am not sure how they have filed for 3 years extension without an approved i140.

I think either you do not know what’s happening or your employer is tricking you.

If you have already filed a 3 year extension, then why are you even asking the question of filing extension again?

Sorry for the confusion
Here my question is , when i applied i have time till March2019
after that my I-140 got approved
last week my employer upgraded to PP
Is thee impact if we upgrade in this situation?

@Yuvan16 Did you get three years after upgraded to PP? I am in the same situation and thinking of upgrading my pending H1B application to PP. Please reply ASAP. Thanks!!

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Hi Dinesh, Yes i got 3 years after upgrading to PP

Thanks for the update!!

@Yuvan16 Did you get RFE after upgrading to PP? I got RFE after upgrading to PP.
Just FYI: We have upgraded our H1B extension application to PP along with I140 approved.