Unable to delete wrongly uploaded files in ACS Australia Assessment Application

I uploaded couple of reference file in the ACS assessment portal wrongly and not able to delete it.

If I click on the delete icon, it always throws the error saying “Could not delete the file. Please try again later”.

Please note that I am yet to make the payment and submit the assessment application.

Can anybody help?

ACS online Assessment does not allow to delete the files once uploaded. They officially say that those files will remain there.

The solution is:
Just upload the files that are relevant in each step.
They will take care of the wrongly uploaded files.

Official ACS Assessment response on email

Hi Sir, just a follow up question here, how can I get ACS to give me a fresh assessment without the old experience. My former employer paid in cash therefore I do not have payslips to show. I wish I had known this before applying for ACS.

Please advise

You have to apply for ACS assessment again if you want to leave out any past experience.
When applying again, don’t upload the work experience letters that you don’t want them to evaluate.

Hi Anil, yes you did and I am grateful, just one more question. When I login to apply for a new assessment, it brings up my old experiences and even those assessed the last time. Should I just add a new experience and submit? Will that be the only experience being assessed ? The one added?

Hi @Osthedon

I am not sure if ACS will consider the old experience if it’s coming up and getting added automatically to your new application.

You should call ACS and check if they can remove your old experience from your new application.

Thanks Anil, I did just that and turns out ACS does not delete anything. So if there is any experience that you may not want considered but you already had an assessment of it, ACS will not remove it. Even if it was wrongly updated. Quite odd, but those are their standard operating procedures. Thanks for the information. Will submit the report as is in my EOI and leave the rest to the CO