Traveled to Canada on Sep 02 2023 with visa expiring 13 Oct 23 & I-797A approved on Aug2023 valid till Jun 2026, new I-94 not generated?

Still have same I-94 number as before and most recent entry date as July 09 23 which was for previous travel, though travel history has the new travel date Sep 04. Because of this current I-94 online only shows valid until Oct 13 2023 instead of Jun 2026. I requested CBP thru email to update validity until Jun 2026, but got a reply saying the below: Travel to contiguous territory for 30 days or less is not considered a meaningful departure from the United States and does not result in changes or updates to I-94s. Your existing I-94 is revalidated to be the same as before you left the United States. In this case, the I-94 that was revalidated is the one attached to the bottom of your 797. I-94s issued or modified by CIS are not recorded on the public I-94 website. This means you need to ignore the website and rely on what it says on the paper I-94. You do not need to take any additional action to get the time you are requesting, as that is what is printed on your physical I-94. If you ever wish to have your I-94 changed and then updated onto the public I-94 website from a land border crossing, you will need to request such and pay $6 for the issuance of a new I-94, and it is at the discretion of the officer if they will grant such a request or deem in unnecessary.

Am I safe to stay beyond Oct 13 or should i get new i-94 paying $6 at any land border( not sure if it will be issued) ? I am aware of the last action rule, What is the last action in this case, is it my I-797A i94?