Travel While H1B Change of Status application is pending with USCIS?

Hi, I have replied RFE (speciality occupation) answers for change of status on 07/05/2018 at california center.
It’s been more than 75 days and still waiting for answer from USCIS.

USCIS RFE response processing time

How much time California USCIS will take to respond RFE.

Apply for premium now after Premium processing suspension?

can I opt Premium processing now?

Travel While H1B Change of Status application is pending with USCIS

I need to go outside of the country in a week for 15 days (can’t avoid at any cost) while still waiting on RFE response.
What will happen if i get approval or rejection while being outside of the USA ?

USCIS RFE Review response time

In 2018, RFE response review time has been an average of 80+ days.
We track it here:

H1B COS upgrade to Premium after Premium processing Suspension - You Cannot

Normally, you can upgrade at anytime if there is no Premium processing suspension is in place.

Travel outside USA while H1B change of Status application is pending

If your travel outside USA with ‘Change of status’ application pending, USCIS will abandon your request.
I would suggest to avoid travel at all costs.

The underlying H1B application might still be approved but it will be approved (if approved) with consular processing meaning you will have to go to US embassy to get H1B stamped in your passport and then re-enter USA.

H1B COS is APPROVED while you are on travel

You will have to get the hard copy of your approved H1B’s i797 and apply for H1B visa at US embassy before you can enter USA with H1B visa.
This is because your Change of Status was automatically abandoned by USCIS when you stepped out of USA

H1B COS is DENIED while you are on travel

If the H1B application is denied while you are travelling, you can enter USA only with any other visa you have.