Travel to India

I have some queries regarding my travel to India.

  1. I have my I 539 - application to extend/ Change non immigrant status: H4 approval date is till 19th march 2024. The visa stamping done on my passport expired on 27th march 2015. I think I’m not Dropbox eligible.

  2. I wish to travel to India for couple of months as I have not visited India since 7years since my arrival to US. I also need some much needed treatment for my health. I would travel with my son who has US citizenship and OCI card.

  3. Do I have an option of traveling on any other type of visa without need to go for h4 stamping.

Please let me know the options I have. I would be grateful if I could get help regarding this.

Thanks a lot.

I am confused! If you can go for “any other” visa stamping, then why not H4? You still need that “any other” visa to travel, right?

H4 stamping is not being currently done. Any other means, tourist or e-visa. If I go on medical visa do I still need to go for h4 stamping?

I am not sure what your source is for validating H4 visa appointments are not being allowed. Many people on several forums have reported of getting dropbox or visa appointments. Ofcourse there are limited appointments available but that applies to all kind of visas.

I am not sure if I understand your question.

Thank you for responding Mr. Kalpesh,
Sorry, but I have limited understanding of the subject.
I believe I am not Dropbox eligible. In the websites, it states that consulates are not open for regular operations. Only emergency appointments are being taken. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please contact VAC for your queries re: appointment.

Thank you so much. I will give it a try.