Travel to India while change of status from H1B to H4 is pending?

If I travel outside the U.S. while my change of status from H1B to H-4 is pending,

  1. Will my change of status application be valid?
  2. How can I then return to the U.S.?

Travel outside USA while Change-of-status is pending

We do not recommend travel outside USA or to India if your change of status application is pending. This is simply because, USCIS automatically abandons your application if you leave the country.

If you do travel and want to re-enter, your options are:

  1. Re-enter with H1B if it is still valid and you INTEND to work for same employer after entering USA. Remember, your passport would bear the status as H1B.

  2. Apply for H4 visa stamp in India (or your home country where you are travelling) with US embassy. This will involve visa officer interview.