Travel to India via Munich or Frankfurt Germany on expired visa on passport but approved i-797

(Abhijeet Chauhan) #1


I am planning to travel to india in Feb’19 from chicago via Frankfurt/Munich.
I have a approved and valid i-797 but expired visa on the passport.
I am planning to get it stamped in India.
Do i need to take a transit visa to travel via frankfurt or munich Germany?

Thanks in advance.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Hi @abhijeet_chauhan
As per my information, you need transit visa to travel through via Frankfurt or Munich airports since your US Visa has already expired.

I797 cannot be used in place of visa.

(Test) #3

I Travelled to India for vacation via Frankfurt with expired H1B and approved l797. I got new h1b stamped in India

(Anil Gupta) #4

Hi @Testusernet123
So, you did not get any transit visa?
When was this travel done?

(Test) #5

No transit visa was needed. Frankfurt was Simply
a connection for my flight to India so I didn’t bother apply for transit visa as I didn’t have to get out of airport