Travel to India via Munich or Frankfurt Germany on expired visa on passport but approved i-797


I am planning to travel to india in Feb’19 from chicago via Frankfurt/Munich.
I have a approved and valid i-797 but expired visa on the passport.
I am planning to get it stamped in India.
Do i need to take a transit visa to travel via frankfurt or munich Germany?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @abhijeet_chauhan

Updated my answer based on @Testusernet123 experience on July 2, 2019.

You can travel via Frankfurt or Munich airports with expired US Visa without any transit visa.

I797 cannot be used in place of visa.

I Travelled to India for vacation via Frankfurt with expired H1B and approved l797. I got new h1b stamped in India

Hi @Testusernet123
So, you did not get any transit visa?
When was this travel done?

No transit visa was needed. Frankfurt was Simply
a connection for my flight to India so I didn’t bother apply for transit visa as I didn’t have to get out of airport

Hello @Testusernet123

I am planning to travel india from Dallas Texas via Frankfurt. One stop flight(02Hrs layover).
Do I need to apply transit visa or not required?
My H-visa expired 6 month ago, and i have I797 approval documents?

How to get the trusted information.
Many says transit visa required.
Without checking I booked my tickets.

Thanks in advance.

Ho @man01

I had checked on official airport website before answering this question when it was asked.
The airport website says that you need a transit visa.

But, i think what @Testusernet123 has reported is correct in the sense that while you are going to India, you have Indian citizen ship.

And while returning to US via Frankfurt, you should have a valid US visa and that would work and no need for transit visa.

You can also confirm this by calling your airline as they do this every day and lot of people travel via Frankfurt.

Hi @man01

I had the same scenario as yours. My h1b stamped on passport expired more than 1.2 years and I had approved 797 original copy with me, when I traveled from US to Frankfurt to Mumbai.

I didn’t face any issues. My flight from US landed on same terminal at which my flight to India was scheduled. I simply had to walk over to designated gate via Security.

Even in another one of my travel via Paris to India. They just check if we have a US Visa stamped on passport, expired or not does not matter.

In my understanding, we only need transit Visa if we need to change airports. Say I landed at Heatherow airport but my next flight is from Manchetsor airport

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I have already booked my flight to India on Lufthansa airlines going via Munich, Germany airport.

My US visa is expired. I see the Germany airport website and it says I can stay in the International transit terminal without a transit visa.

However when I called Lufthansa airlines they are suggesting to have a transit visa. I am not sure what to do.

I don’t have enough time to go through the transit visa process. Has anyone traveled through Lufthansa airlines with this kind of US visa expired scenario?

Hi @Sushil_Sahoo

As per my information, if your connecting flight is from same terminal, you should be able to take your flight without any transit visa.