Travel date after H1B Extension denied - Time to leave USA

My friend got H1B extension denied and have to leave the country. The status was updated on the USCIS website on Oct 22, 2018. His employer said to him that his last working day was yesterday Oct 29, 2018.

Now he is out of status. He has a plan to leave on Nov 06, 2018. The question is, will it be fine if he leaves on Nov 06, 2018? will it impact any of his future visa applications since he is leaving the country only on the 15th day after the status got updated?


H1B extension denial - Out of status start date

Legally, he is out of status immediately after H1B extension denial i.e. starting Oct 23, 2018.

One should leave US as early as possible after the denial but, USCIS is okay with 10-15 days time to leave.

There should be no issue in applying visa later.


Thank you for the quick reply as always, Anil !

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You are welcome. Let me know if you need more information.