Skill letter from employer who went out of business

Hi Anil,

I worked in company A,B,C and working USA with company D. I have showed experience of ABC while filing for H1B. now my employer wants to file GC for me.
my problem is my employer A is no longer in industry. So I cannot get skills set eperience letter and i dont know any co-workers from there now.

  1. Can I apply for GC by showing experience from B,C, and D and hide experience from A.
  2. If i dont show experience from A, will they compary with that resume i applied for H1B.
  3. Is it mandatory to show all experience letters?

let me know if i can remove company A and go with experience from B,C and D.

appricate your help on this

  1. First and most important point to note is to NOT HIDE anything. It is okay if the company A closed. It’s not at all an issue.

  2. There are no skill proofs required as such to file for GC and PERM. They are needed only if your case is audited by the PERM issuing department.
    Only 30% cases get audited.
    This certainly does not mean that you should not worry about procuring the skill letter.

  3. The third important point to note is that you only need last 5 years of your skill letters to prove that you really have the experience that you are claiming in your PERM application.
    Hence, if company A does not figure in your last 5 years, you can safely forget it.

  4. If company A falls within last 5 years, then the best bet is to find someone who worked with you there and get his sign on a piece of paper certifying the technologies you worked on. If his js not possible, then don’t worry.
    Simply submit whatever letters (experience or service) you have for company A with a cover letter expaling the closure of company.

Don’t worry, there would be no issue.

Thanks a lot Anil for quick response. Fortunately my company A does not fall in last 5 years.

So I believe that skills set exp letter needed only for the period mentioned in Ad