Service Request raised for H4 EAD renewal

I raised SR for my case as it exceeded 5 months. Should I call them and ask the status or wait for 3 weeks. SR reply time is 3 weeks.

Wait for USCIS to respond.

We called and they said it will take upto 45 days to just repond. Later god knows

Has anyone raised SR and how long it took to respond. After response how many will it take to get EAD card. I lot my job. after 5 months also no approval.

Anil Any idea on this? Why my application is taking more than 5 months. I heard few got in1-2 weeks.

There is no reason that i can tell until USCIS responds with the reason for delay.

Have you filed H4 extension or H4 Change of Status with your H4 EAD application in this case?

Is yes, then it is possible that USCIS is waiting for your H4 COS or H4 extension approval first.

Hi Anil,

Applied only H4 EAD renewal. Already we had H4 approved.

Hello Queen King,

I’m sorry to hear about your delay. I hope you will get a favorable answer soon. Can you please let me know what USCIS service center is processing your H4 EAD.


Until now no reply. Filed with Nebraska.
Very very sad. Its been more than 5.5 months.

I got reply saying officer is looking into case and will update in 60 days from now.

Ok… so you have some update now.

60 days to update on my h4 ead. After that god knows.

Hey ,

Did you get any update ? generally Nebraska process little faster than other service centers.