Security check for both my both H1 applications


My employer filed my first H1 in the year 2019 and updated to premium processing on Jan 10th after that there is no Response.

Same happens to 2020 petition, Premium updated on Jul 15th There is no response after that.

USCIS saying both went for security check.
What might be reasons for going to security check ?
Can i expect response for my petition ?

I am suspecting that there is problem from company side, How to find out whether the consultancy is in blocked list of USCIS ?

My project and documents everything is proper from my end. Is there anything i can do from my end by hiring an attorney ?

Please help me on all these questions. I am in confusion now what to do further.

Security check is done on your personal name and not the Employer.

So, something is wrong with your history or records somewhere that they are trying to verify.

Hi Anil, Thanks for the response,
You mean there is no problem from company, I am glad to hear that but Not only me every one the company have same problem, Still we can think it’s problem of individuals ?

I don’t think i have negative history on any of the issues.

How can we consider this @Anil_Gupta

I have answered based on what most people experience.

Nobody can tell you the exact reason.

If most people from your Employer are also facing same issue with same delay, then it is probably something to do with your Employer.

Your Employer and their attorney can tell you more as they would know what’s going on if its happening with more than one employee.