San Diego - Do we need to walk through ‘Pedestrian Bridge Crossing’?

Hi Anil,

Couple of questions.
Im planning to visit the same center for my i-94 extension.

Do we need to walk through ‘Pedestrian Bridge Crossing’?

Do we need to walk through the ‘Pedestrian Bridge Crossing’ and then enter the sanYsidro office or just navigate from ‘Camino De La Plaza’ road?

Pedestrian bridge crossing is for people entering from Mexico to USA.

If your i94 is corrected by CBP office without crossing the border, then you are good.
If they ask you to cross the border and re-enter, then you would need to use the pedestrian bridge to go to Mexico and then come back to re-enter USA.

I m travelling to San Ysidro this Saturday for i94 correction. Can you tell me where exactly have to go? Is it the PedWest office which is on the Virginia Ave OR San Ysidro Land Port of Entry which is 16 mins walk from outlet mall?


Exact address is mentioned in first post on top here: