RFE for H1B NPT application (expired I94 > 180days)

Need guidance on replying to an RFE for my H1b NPT application.

I-94 expiry: jun 2021 (because passport expired)
H1b visa expiry: sep 2022

I discovered this only when I was getting ready to file for H1b renewal last month. We ended up filing NPT but got an RFE asking to prove extraordinary circumstances. Has anybody faced similar situation? What reason did you give and what was the result ?

Any pointers on next steps appreciated.

Thanks a lot Truvisa for valuable info that I got in other threads!!

I got RFE too for I-94 overstay >180 days. Can you give me an idea on how your attorney drafted the extraordinary circumustances letter.

Btw my NPT got approved. I gave inability to travel during Covid and health circumstances as the reason. let me know if you want to chat. More details in the reddit comment

Hi ,

I am in a similar situation . My company has said it will file extension will NPT , I have a few questions let me know how to reach you