Regarding Name Change in SSN

Hi Anil,
I have a question about regarding first name in SSN.

Given Name : Subba Rao  
FirstName  :  Sangam 

Name on All I797 , I94, H1B Visa & Passport : Subba Rao Sangam
Name on SSN : Subbarao Sangam (Both words are merged into single word)

Please note : There is no space between Subba and Rao in my SSN. SSN office won’t allow the space in a given name . As of now I don’t see any issues and would like to change my name in SSN as Subba Rao instead of Subbarao. what you suggest ? What should I do if SSN office will not allow the space ? Do you want me leave AS IS or correct Subba instead of Subbarao. Please note I am in USA since 2012.

Appreciate your response

Any updates ? Appreciate your response

I would just leave it as is if it has not caused any issues (including bank account, credit etc) for you since all these years you have been in the US.

Thank you Kalpesh for your replay