Regarding B1/B2 visa for parents

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I have some doubts regarding B1/B2 visa which I’m planning to apply for my parents.


  1. In the visa schedule website for India , should I apply for category as B2 for my parents? They are coming to USA as a tourist (Self sponsored)? Should I select B2 or B1/B2? I hope it’s B2 .Pls clarify.

2.Upon getting the application number for Ds160 forms for my father and mother I went into the visa schedule website . My father is 80 years and mother is 72 years old . When I added my father Ds 160 number and passport details it asked if any other person to be added. I hence added my mother details (ds160 & passport) .After this I got the question for interview waiver and as my father was 80 years it ended up with saying you are eligible for visa interview waiver and should submit documents at Dropbox locations.
Though I added my mother along with my father , as my father becoming primary applicant abd 80 years , does it mean the Dropbox applicable for my mother as well ? In the next page it shows the visa payment to be made showing (2*USD160). Does it mean that for my parents we need to submit the documents via Dropbox and BOTH OF THEM ARE NOT REQUIRED TO GO FOR VISA CONSULATE OFFICE? pls clarify.

  1. As they are saying to be eligible for Dropbox ( this is the first time they are getting a USA visa) how to schedule biometrics? Is it required to book biometric appointment for them if Dropbox is eligible? Pls clarify

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