Q29 in i765 form H4EAD with multiple H1B approval with short and long validity


I am filing for H4-EAD and i have a very complex situation, i would appreciate if someone can help me to overcome it.

  1. My Spouse has Valid H1B until April-2019 - (WAC-XXXXX receipt number)

  2. He Got i-140 Approved in the Nov 2018 (LIN-XXXX receipt number)

  3. Based on the I-140 he applied for H1B extension and got approved, validity is from April 2019 to April 2022 (LIN-XXXX receipt number).

My questions:

  1. While apllying for H4EAD which receipt number should i use at question 29 on I-765?

  2. If i use first receipt number will i get my H4 EAD only until April 2019 or until 2022?

Thanks, Appreciated your help in Advance!

You should use the receipt number that has validity starting April 2019 to April 2022 for Q 29 on i765 form.

If you use the first H1B receipt number, you will get H4 EAD validity only up to April 2019.

Thank you Anil. If it approved before April 2019 will i get the EAD from Apr 2019 or before that only ?

Yes. The approval start and end will be matched to your H4 Visa approval.

As start date is April 2019, if i apply for H4 EAD now is there any possibility of rejections ?

I do not think so. Have you heard of any rejections?

Not heard anything but one of my friend was saying as there may be chances of revoking H4EAD rule and validity of new Visa is not yet started possibilities are high. So i wanted to confirm before i do.

Haha… That’s just speculation!

Ok thanks for all your help and appreciate your quick support!

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