Power of Attorney for education loan in India - attestation by Indian embassy

I have applied to an educational loan in India for my second masters in USA.
The loan has been sanctioned but due to COVID I was unable to fly down to officially sign the documents to release the money for my following semester’s tuition. I have been asked to get a Power of Attorney done to authorise my parent to sign for the documents in my absence.
There is a student legal service in my university currently for Power of attorney and notary purpose. Should I get a notary in my university and send it to the Indian embassy for attestation?
Due to COVID I do not want to take a risk of flying to the consulate nor can I drive there.
For more details, I am currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

You can send the power of attorney by mail to Indian embassy in USA for attestation.

Thanks for your response Anil!

Should I contact them before sending? I’m unsure about how to go about this!

Did you try to read the step by step process on linked article?


I did read this. I got my PoA notarized. But, my document does not have any space where the embassy will attest it. What exactly does the embassy do on the PoA that makes it valid for registration in India?