PERM timeline and 7th year extension for H1B

Hi ,
My H1B visa max out date is May2022 , my perm will be applied Next month approx ( with all jobs ads & recruitment process finished) , j have below questions :

  1. Currently what is the perm approval timeline
  2. Can I get 7th year extension if my perm decision is still pending ?
  3. I will have an extra 45 days after May2022 as I was out of US , so going by timeline will this be worth to worth till I get my perm approval , apply for i140 in premium and then apply for h1 b visa extension ?
  4. What are the options I have going by the above timelines ?

Please give your feedback on this


Hello Anil ,

Thanks for some quick links . I have below questions to point more in my case:

  1. as per time lines i have ( May 2022 maxout + 42 days out of us ) do you think i have any risk to get my perm approved before May2022 ? currently i believe jobs ads & recruitment process is done , probabaly PERM will be applied in July , so considering all these timelines will I be safe ?

  2. Any recent rule changes on 7th year extension with PERM still in progress < 365 days of applying ?

  3. I hope my PERM will be smooth , if there is any RFE / Audit that would take more time for PERM approval , so in that case what are my options here in USA after my maxout which is in May 2022 ?

Thanks in Advance