Passport Renewal - Unable to download Payment Receipt from My Account

I have registered for Indian passport renewal and followed all the steps on CKGS and Indian passport website. Apart from the documents in the checklist, we need to enclose the payment receipt in the envelope which I am unable to download from My account after entering the Banker’s check details. Please let me know - how this works and anyone faced similar issue?


Hi @pavanbugata

Payment receipt is required if you have paid fees online by credit card. If you are sending a banker’s check, then how would you get a receipt? You have not paid anything online. Isn’t it?

Yes @Anil_Gupta - I have not paid fees online as they do provide payment options by only Money order/ Banker’s check. However, in the instructions, CKGS mentioned to enclose the payment receipt in the envelope. I have attached the screenshot below, please find it!

I don’t know whether that’s applicable only to online payments which CKGS is not doing it anymore??

Then payment receipt option is generic instruction. They have probably forgotten to change it. There is no need to worry as per my opinion.

If you are still concerned, you can contact CKGS and get their answer before sending the package.