Passport Renewal - Self sworn affidavit

How to send missing documents to CKGS and its says I am missing “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit” and I am not even sure what that means? Any help?

I used my own shipping to send my documents to CKGS, and recieced an email saying the documents are incomplete “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit”. My question here is how do I send my documents, do I use the same envelope (big one) or a regular one. Also I do not know what it mean by “Indian Address Self Sworn Affidavit” (Self sworn affidavit is required from the applicant to confirm that I have been / have not been (select whichever is correct) residing outside India continuously for more than Five year)and neither can I find a document to fill out and send. Please help.

A self sworn affidavit sample is given here.

or create Self Sworn affidavit online with this web app.

Can someone please confirm if this “self sworn affidavit” for residing outside India for more than 5 years supposed to be notarized ?

I m wondering the same… I dont think it needs to be notarized, but if someone can confirm that will be great!

Self sworn affidavit needs notary.

Can somebody please explain what is meant by “This is to confirm that I have been/have not been (select whichever is correct) residing outside India continuously for more than five years”?

I have been staying in USA for more than 5 years, but had visited India couple of times for 1 month duration. So should I say “have been” or “have not been” ?

Would someone notarize this without address proof?

If there is no Indian Address change in passport (i.e., previous passport was also issued in US), should we still send or notarize the “Self Sworn affidavit” with India address still needed i.e., I am living in US address for more than 5 years and want to get my US address proofs notarized.