Passport renewal rejection due to change in City name

Hello, I posted my question on am22tech but I cannot see it for some reason. Please offer your opinion on the below :

I recently submitted my passport application to CKGS Chicago. Within 10 mins of getting confirmation of application received, I got alerted that the application was being sent back. Following reason was given : Present Address mentioned in the Passport NRI Form does not match the Proof of address provided. Please reapply with the correct Address in the Passport NRI Form

The only strong difference I see is BENGALURU in my application vs BANGALORE in my Aadhar card. ( Apart from not not including words like “Flat no” A-54, I wrote just A-54, and “near flyover” which was written in my aadhar card. I came to the US in Aug 2014. BANGALORE was changed to BENGALURU in Oct2014, after I got my aadhar card and came here. Never been back home since. My question is : Have you come across something similar? How is it my fault that representatives in CKGS do not know of this and what steps do you recommend for some in this situation? I was not contacted about this before they sent back application (within 10mins it looks like), is this unusual?

I was told I have to wait for the return package and reapply. I talked to a representative on phone as quickly as I could and he confirms this issue and states that a Support inquiry will be created.

Is there something I’m misunderstanding?

Check this:

You can ask for clarification from CKGS on how to handle the situation.
They will also include the instructions in the returned package on how to fix the issue.