Passport Renewal CKGS valid US status with expiring I20

I am currently on a valid F-1 visa (expires May 2022) and valid i-20 (expires May 25, 2018). I am planning to apply for passport renewal to CKGS on May 22, 2018 as I turn 18.

However, will my i-20 expiry date be a problem or will it still be considered valid?

Also, because I will have a grace period of 6 months beyond expiry, I am transitioning into a University that has already accepted me.

Hi @shibi

CKGS does have an option of proving your status if it is pending with USCIS.

In you case, by the time your application reaches CJGS, you I-20 would have expired or would be expiring. Hence, I recommend talking/emailing CKGS to check if they can accept F1-Visa.
Normally, they do not accept the visa stamp as valid proof.

On the other hand, when does your current passport expire? If it still has about 6 months validity left, i would suggest to first get your new I-20 and then apply for passport to make the process easy.

Thank you for your response. My passport has already expired, but because I was a minor at that time, they said I could apply for a renewal once I am an adult.

I also did email them regarding my concern, and they said that they can only help me once I fill out the online application.

Hi @shibi

This is really crazy answer from CKGS.
I have myself asked them questions several times without creating an application (or paying them fees) and they have responded back with answers.

As far as I know, the I-20 should have a valid date at the time of application and if is has expired or expiring, then a proof should be there to prove that your extension is pending with USCIS.

I am not sure what proof you can show other than what CKGS can suggest.
I checked CKGS website and could not find any substitute either.

Can you call them and explain your situation and see what they reply?

The problem is that I am not applying for an extension since I am transferring to a university that has offered me admission.
Plus, I also get the 60-day grace period after my i-20 expires.

Do you think CKGS can consider that and let me renew my passport? If not, what else am I supposed to do?

I am not sure if they will consider it in the absence of paper based proof.

I have never encountered this kind of scenario before. It is best that you consult CKGS as they have to process your application.