Passport re-issuance - Place of Birth does not match the place of birth mentioned in the Indian Passport

With the new vendor in place, VFS we are facing lot of challenges. I have filled my passport renewal application and received “place of birth in application does not match with passport”

In my passport it is District- “Bijnor” where as in my application it is “Nagina” which is town in that district.

The email notification states " Awaiting document" but does not mention which document they want. Could you help, which document to send ? is it a Sworn Affidavit , I have my 10th certificate mentioning my date of birth and my school name which is in the same town. Please help!!

You have to ask VFS about what document they need. Its not possible for me to guess.

I’m also facing a similar issue. After looking at this thread Place of Birth in the NRI Form does not match the place of birth mentioned in the Indian Passport I decided to ship my application only after confirming with VFS if they need any supporting document for this. I emailed and also called VFS global and every customer support associate is answering differently. Some of them are telling to get approval from the Consulate General of India and some are telling to ship the application and will not be a problem so their answer is not consistent. I decide to check with the Indian embassy and e-mailed them regarding my situation. It’s been more than 4 business days and still, there is no reply. My jurisdiction comes under Houston so I emailed to I also tried calling them but they only have an option to a callback and it’s been 2 business days and I didn’t get any callback. Does anyone know if there are any other means for contacting the Consulate General of India?

Thanks in Advance!

Did you fill your application? Did you get your passport?