Overall timeline of H1B and H4 extension with dropbox

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Just want to share my experience. Working for same employer for last 2 years and thus only change was salary. My visa for H1B and wife’s visa for H4.

Nov-10-2018 : All documents submitted to Attorny
Nov-28-2018 : LCA requested
Dec-9-2018 : LCA received
Dec-18-2018: Case filed with USCIS premium processing
Dec-28-2018: Receipt notice received from USCIS
Jan-2-2018: RFE received from USCIS
Jan-5-2019: RFE response submitted to USCIS
Jan-18-2019: Email notification of receipt number received from USCIS
Jan-25-2019: Physical Approval notice received from USCIS

I was in India so went to dropbox at Mumbai consulate.

Jan-30-2019 : submitted docs
Feb-5-2019 : Got my passport with new visa
Feb-7-2019 : Got wife’s passport with new visa

– For dropbox , Original documents were not asked/required.
– For dropbox, make sure the photos are as per required standards. photo with correct specification is key. i instructed my photo studio to follow Apply for a U.S. Visa | Photos and Fingerprints - India (English)
but at dropbox submission counter, i was told to get new photo as everything is ok except my face should be 70% to 80% of photo!! so site it self is incomplete.

  • website clearly says mobile phones are not allowed but I saw they are allowed! All you have to do is keep them “switch-off”.

-If anybody from VFS team/Us Consulate is reading this, for dropbox person, please arrange for in-house photo (like it is for first time interviewer). It is big hassle. I saw 65 year old lady fighting and trying to understand what is wrong with her photo.It is very expensive to get photo near Mumbai consulate (as private studio owners know you have necessity ).

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Thanks for sharing the details. I appreciate it.