Options before I-140 process

I need suggestions on my situation if anyone has been through the same situation.
My H1B max out date is 24 Jan 2024 and my company applied for PERM on June 2023.
I know it will take 8-10 months for perm and then a minimum of month for I-140 and H1B extension.

As per my knowledge, I will have 3 options:

  1. Go to India before my max out date and come back after H1B extension and stamping which I dont how much time it will take.

  2. I apply for a change of status (dependant of spouse). But I am not sure if I apply for H4 then will I be able to stay till I get the approval of either H4 or H1B. If someone has done this please suggest.

  3. Convert to F1 (day 1 cpt) and continue working. I am not considering this option. I have heard this is not safe option since the consequences can be rfe during I140 approval and h1b stamping. If someone has done this please suggest.

My first preference will be to stay here if the laws permit as I want to be with my spouse.
We are in contact with company’s lawyer regarding this, but just want to get suggestions if someone has been through this same situation.