No status affidavit form for Passport renewal when H1B application is pending

Hello Anil,
Is there a sample “No status affidavit form” available on CKGS that you are aware of. I searched but could not find it so was just wondering if there is a sample form that i could use.

I’m currently waiting for my H1 extension approval and was wondering if i should wait for the approval notice and then apply for passport renewal or just go ahead and apply for the passport renewal using the No status form as my current H1(I94) has expired. My passport is expiring Dec31st’18 .

Where did you get information about this form? Is it in your CKGS checklist?
I have not heard about it before.

If your H1B extension is pending with USCIS, you can simply use the i797 receipt notice as proof of your status. As far as I know, there is no need to fill any other affidavit form.

Yes it is coming up in the checklist when i had selected Proof of legal Status in USA option as Pending Approval at USCIS. The checklist contains not only the i797 receipt notice but also a notarized no status affidavit to be provided. Hence i was confused if i should just wait out this period and apply if and when H1 extension is approved.

It is okay to provide the ‘No status proof’ if your extension is pending. It is perfectly normal process.
In-fact, it is possible that your application for H1B is delayed by USCIS (if not filed in premium) and you may get an RFE to provide new passport details (if your current passport expires) before USCIS works on your application.

In that case, you should have the new passport ready.

Thanks Anil. What you said makes sense especially if there is an RFE and i have to provide new passport details. I will go ahead and apply with the no status proof. Appreciate your quick responses and advise!

You are welcome. All the best.

Hi All,

I have my extension approved but don’t have the Visa stamped in my passport. Do I still need to submit no status affidavit for passport renewal?


Your approved i797 copy is sufficient.

Is the ‘No status form’ showing up in your document checklist?

Hello Anil,

My H1 extension is in progress and i also need to renew my passport.
checklist says- I need to provide Receipt Copy (I-797) and Notarized No Status affidavit.
Do you know if there is any standard format for No Status affidavit form.
Could you please advise as am not sure what exactly I need to mention in this affidavit.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

There is no need for this ‘no status’ form if you have a valid USCIS receipt number and i797 receipt copy.