New OCI for Minor Kid - cannot find saved application


I had completed online application for New OCI card for Minor kid in March - 2020.

I had completed it on CKGS and Government website, but due to Covid-19 and Lockdown started in March, I was not able to send my application and required documents to CKGS Chicago.

Now i am ready to send documents and trying to track my online application on CKGS website but It is not traceable anymore. did CKGS close my case as it is 4 months ?

I can still see my application on Indian government website.

I tried reaching to customer service of CKGS through Phone and email but no response.

should I restart my application on CKGS and Indian website and send all the required documents or I can still use my existing application and send documents to CKGS Chicago ?

Please suggest me which option is good to process the application fast.


Are you sure you saved the application on CKGS website?

Did you make any payment earlier?

Yes, I have saved the application on CKGS.
I had made money order and enter it’s details on CKGS and infact generated shipping label, but not able to shipped it. I am not sure why I am not able to see any info on CKGS. Can I still use that money order for new application, if my old application it is not traceable any more.
CKGS web ID tracking# is 14 digit and gov web ID is 12 digit right ?


Everything about how to log back i to CKGS has been mentioned with screen shots.

Please read.

VFS Houston is not accepting parents I485 receipt notices as a valid proof of legal status in the U SAwhile applying OCI for minor.

Please advise if someone has faced this situation before.