New H4 visa - is old i94 still valid?

Hello @Anil_Gupta

I have an approved H4 till September 2022.

My spouse changed the employee and now I have a new H4 visa till October 2023 (yet to receive the i797 for this.

My question is - what happens to my old H4 and i94? Does it become invalid?

I am currently in Canada and plan to travel back using avr and have the old approved i797 (valid till sept 2022) with me.

Your new I-94 and H4 approval will govern your status and period of stay in the US. Old I-94 will no more be valid.

You will need to carry the new I-797 to enter the US. Someone will need to mail you the document.

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We have stamped visa till end of Feb 2022. I have my new approved H1B petition while my wife’s H4, H4EAD extension applications are still going on. With the new rule of automatic extension of H4EAD for 180 days with valid I-94, we are thinking of travelling to Mexico for a weekend and get our I-94s extended at the port of entry. so that we can apply a new I-765 application and take the benefit of the new rule of automatic extension of H4EAD for 180 days. Is it a good idea to travel to Mexico, looking at current situation and with only 2 months visa in hand?