Multiple H4 Extensions and H4 EAD Renewal Petitions

Hi Anil,
We have currently submitted h1 extension , h4 extension and h4 ead extension all concurrently. my h1 extension went into rfe and it will take a while to respond to rfe as my employer will take time to respond. our i94 is valid till Oct 9,2019.

Mean while i have two good offers from other companies and want to initiate the transfer with both of them before my current i94 expires, Since i am not confident of current employer RFE to be cleared. And want to join whatever gets approved

  1. Can i initiate 2 more new H4 extensions again as well with the 2 new employers along with my h1 transfers ?
  2. how does the bio-metrics appointment goes ? individual bio-metrics need to be submitted for each employer ? or one biometrics will do ?
  3. does having multiple h4 petitions a problem with different employers initiated around same time ?
  4. Also Can i submit multiple h4 ead renewal applications with 2 new employers as well ? what happens to other Ead applications if any of them gets approved or denied ? are all of them are treated as individual only.

Please suggest the best way to go about , to have the them not to run into in any issue.

Thank you.

Hi @KD6883

I have covered these multiple H4 EAD applications scenario here in detail. Please read.

Multiple Biometric appointments would be required for multiple H4 applications if you file them.

Hi @Anil_Gupta ,
Thanks for the response. I can see the below , in the link given by you where it says h1 extension with current employer is already approved. But my case is little different . my h1 extension decision is still pending (its in RFE) and h4 extension biometrics scheduled and h4 ead renewal pending. Now i would like to initiate the h1 transfer along with h4 and h4 ead renewal again. There could be chance that i would leave my current employer , if my h1 transfer gets approved earlier than extension.

Kindly suggest if i can file h4 and h4 ead renewal again along with h1 transfer and if that impacts anything ?

#1 H1B Transfe r with H4, H4 EAD pending

Many people have a situation where they have filed H4 and H4 EAD applications with their H1B extension. Once their H1B extension has been approved, they want to file H1B transfer even though their H4 and H4 EAD are still pending due to lengthy processing time after biometrics.

In this case, there is no need to file new H4 and H4 EAD with your H1B transfer. The H4 and H4 EAD are not employer specific and hence can be approved even when you have left your old employer.

Hi @KD6883

I do not understand how your situation is different?

If you think that you can get into issues, you can file H4 and H4 EAD again. There is no issue in filing multiple applications.

Its your choice, not required by law.

Hi Anil,

First thank you for all your contribution to the community on such questions. I am in similar situation and wanted to check with you.
I recently done a H1 transfer(approved) and H4 extension with transfer(in process). I am not joining the new company and will stay with my current employer. My question is 1) Will existing approved H1 transfer create any issue in my H1 extension 2) since the H4 extension is already in process, filing for new extension with my current employer would create any issues?