Multiple h1b transfer during grace period from A to B to C

Hello Anil Gupta @anil_gupta

I urgently need advice regarding my case on what should be my best course of action.

Company A filed for my H1B transfer and it was approved till 03-21-2022. My I94 is also till 03-21-2022. My I-140 is approved for more than 180 days.
I was terminated from employment by Company A on 5-Jul-2019. Company B filed for my H1B transfer (on basis of Company A approved petition) within 60 days grace period under normal processing and I started working on receipt for end client. The model is EVC and Company B did not provide client letter or MSA of client with primary vendor in the petition.

Now Company C has filed my H1B transfer (on basis of Company A approved petition) on the 60th day in premium processing and email with receipt number received. Company C is reputed company and the model is EC and all documents including client letter, MSA, SOW has been provided.

Now my questions are:

  1. Can I switch to Company C from Company B as the receipt no for C’s petition is now available? Will there be any legal issues? Will this be considered as bridge petition?

  2. Should I wait for the decision for Company C, as it’s filed in premium?

  3. As my payroll has resumed within the grace period through company B, would that be fine to show these as maintaining H1 status within and after grace period?

Hi @Suvajit_Chakraborty

You can either join company C or keep working with company B until you get Company C’s approval.

I suggest to wait for company C’s approval before jumping the ship to be absolutely safe.

Your paystubs from any company can be used as a proof of maintenance of H1B status.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Thank you very much for your response. Really appreciate your advice. I’m also planning to wait for company C’s approval.
Just to reconfirm, I understand from your reply that there would not be any bridging concept in my case, if I join C while B’s petition is in pending (and I’ve started working for B). Can you kindly confirm.

Hi @Suvajit_Chakraborty

Bridge concept comes into picture if your i94 has expired.

Thank you very much @Anil_Gupta
I’ve one more question/ suggestion from you.
Company A is primarily staffing co and I’m their first h1 case. They are not h1b dependent. But as I mentioned earlier they filed without client letter or MSA with client. They don’t have reputed attorney also. So I’m assuming it’s surely going to get rfe.
On other hand Company C is Indian IT company and h1b dependent but filed with necessary documents. They use fragomen as their attorney.
Now if Company C’s petition gets rfe, what should be my best course of action? Switch to Company C?
They are already pressurizing me to join on receipt.

Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Suvajit_Chakraborty

As I suggested before, it is better to join Company C only after the approval. If they get RFE, wait for it to be resolved.

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Thanks again. The petition for Company C was received by premium processing center on Sep 3 (60th day) which they mentioned in their email notification. But actual receipt date is mentioned as Sep 4 (61st day) in uscis website. Is this likely to cause issues?
Company Cs filing don’t have Company B’s receipt or paystubs.

Hi @Suvajit_Chakraborty

What has USCIS asked in the RFE?

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

No rfe so far. Company C’s petition is filed in premium and receipt date is Sep-4, so I’m waiting for a decision. This receipt date is 61st day, but premium processing center has received petition on 3-Sep, 60th day.
Company C’s petition doesn’t have Company Bs receipt where I’m working now.
So, my question is USCIS likely to consider 61st day receipt for Company C as out of status period?
Company Bs petition is still pending, normal processing.

Hi @Suvajit_Chakraborty

Haven’t your company C Employer submitted payslips to prove your H1B status?
If not, then you have asked for trouble yourself. The chances are high that USCIS will send RFE to prove of you maintained status or not.

You should have given company B’s payslips as a proof of H1B status.