Lca msa rfe new employer

I am currently with Employer A and got new job with Employer B.
New employer B h1 transfer petition got rfe because employer A did not file amendment for location change in time.they got delayed by 4-6 weeks to file amendment thats why employer B petition got rfe.
However, my current employer i.e employer A has already filled a amendment case just 1 week back in normal processing.

In case I go ahead with responding rfe for Employer B, can it lead to more complications like rejection of employer b’s petition or noir on current approved petition or more actions from uscis on employer A’s petition.
FYI - my employer A filled amendment and was delayed by 4-6 weeks after location change.
Pls advise can Employers b’s petition harm my current status or does it has anything to do with my current status.