L2 visa extension dropbox eligibility

Hi All,

I have applied for L1 and L2 (I-539) extension last year Nov. For my L1, i can see it’s approved as on Mar 3rd. But L2 is still not approved. Looking at the processing times for California center, it may take another 5 months or so.
As we were in urgency to get the stamping done, i was looking for other options, and read in some forums that i can rather go outside india and get the stamping done for L2 along with L1, as L1 is already approved. Now the question i have is if i go for dropbox appointment, can i submit L1 and L2 together? In some online forums i read L1 is not eligible for dropbox, but i thought all L visas are eligible for dropbox till 2022 end based on USCIS notification early. Did anyone have a similar experience or know what’s a better approach here?

I replied to your post on another forum.