L2 EAD Replacement card RFE pending - card lost by USPS in transit

Hi Anil,

L2 EAD approved but lost in transit by USPS

My spouse EAD based on L2 visa submitted and received approval and the physical EAD card is not received as it was lost during transit from USPS.

L2 EAD replacement card applied RFE

EAD approval done from California center. i re-applied EAD as replacement card with USCIS and it is processed in Vermont center as i moved to different state.

I received RFE for the reason of lost and i replied with reason lost during transit.

My RFE is received by USCIS and the case status is still showing “RFE received and working on case”.

When I raised SR due to my case out of processing, last week i received email to the SR that the case is not in out of processing time and due to RFE USCIS will respond in 90 days.

My case is taking time due to different state where replacement card is applied or they are waiting for information from California center.

After RFE it is almost 28 days and still my case is pending.
Please let me know is there any other way to expedite my case.


Unfortunately, RFE processing time is more than 90 days at this time.

You can try the EAD expedite options but chances of approval are very low: