L1A extention RFE California Service Center to prove manager function

I was in L1A Blanket and now applied for L1A extention and received RFE. Case is being processed in California Service Center…After reading all the information from search looks to be difficult to get the RFE approve by CSC. Is that the trend or good quality response can be approved? The RFE questions from fragomen is …can anyone say is it targeted RFE or just they generic one…since most of these questions details are present in the documented evidences with the original extention documentations…

Describe and provide detailed information regarding your day to day managerial duties and decisions, as well as the specific tasks to be performed, and the percentage of time spent on each duty.

· Describe how you make decisions on daily operations of the function/activity that you manage under your authority.

· Provide detailed information regarding the employees you manage, including a summary of their job duties, their titles, level of education, job duties and salary, as well as whether they work full or part time.

· If not a people manager, please provide details regarding the function you manage and how you manage that function of the organization.

· A description of your products and services, including the tasks necessary to generate those products and services, and who performs those tasks, as well as tasks related to discretionary decision making.

· A more detailed organizational chart that lists all of the employees in your immediate team/group/department/division by name, job title, summary of job duties, education level and salary. It should also clearly identify your position in the chart.

· Copies of employment agreements by newly hired employees who you will manage.

· Copies of quarterly wage reports, payroll summaries, W2 forms, and any other financial documentation that demonstrate salaries paid to employees the beneficiary manages.

· Copies of email correspondence illustrating your managerial duties, authority to approve project proposals, hires, promotions, and budget requests.

· If you have documents which demonstrate that the function you are managing is tied to revenue, please provide all these documents. This can take the form of presentations, contracts, etc. to address the function or component managed.

Hi @Sitharaman_Tr

The chances of Approval of this type of RFE are low but we have seen that really good response get approval too.

So, there is no harm in trying.

Thanks Anil…Putting all the details in the response as per the RFE request.

Hi @Sitharaman_Tr, hope you are well! Did you get the extension approved after RFE ?

Yes …Approved and infact writing for my last extn… Incase if this is for your please make sure you do not give them the sense that you are performing the role by yourself…In my case have to written so points as iam performing the task rather overseeing it…Good Luck

@Sitharaman_Tr Thank you so much for your response. So have you applied now for your extension again. Can you provide the details as in if its Premium ? and if you received any RFE. We have applied for our second extension and we received a RFE but we still don’t know the reason though.

Currently iam preparing document for my last extn. Im hopefull it would be normal processing and it will go thorugh. Last RFE was in 2019 and it was under Premium processing …I have filled by Sep10th and got it approved by Sep13th…Good luck!! You will hear the good news soon.

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Thank you @Sitharaman_Tr :slight_smile: Do you know of any cases whereL1A has been filed recently for extension in Premium and has been approved ? Not sure if Premium processing is causing rejections in extensions.