L1A - EB1C - interview completed - retrogression- job change

Hi Anil,
You might have answered similar questions, please confirm this.
Got L1A extension for Employer A valid for another 3 years.
EAD extension approved - valid for another two years.
EB1C - 485 is pending and interview completed in April’19.
Can I change job during this retrogression period? if there is a gap in joining the next job and resigning the current job, how long would be considered authorized stay. Given current immigration situation is it
even safe to change? Will there be any impact in future USCIS interaction like GC extension etc
If we change do we need to submit Supplement J immediately or is there a time limit ?
Or we dont even need to submit if it is similar or same job type.

Hi @hope

I think you do need to submit supplement J immediately. I suggest to stay with current employer if it is not an emergency to leave.

Thank you. Appreciate your response.

Anil, In case of emergency if we leave the job, how long we have to find and join the next job to stay in legal status.

Hi @hope

I do not think you can stay in US if you leave your job unless you can re-enter using your advance parole based on pending i485.

I suggest to consult an attorney and get second opinion before leaving the job.

Hi - I arrived on L1A via. EB1C I140 was applied by employer in Jan 2020. Approved Apr 2020. With the Oct VB, I can file for I485 and EAD and AP.

Need some clarifications for the following independent scenarios

Assumption for all scenarios below - 180 days has passed since 485 is filed

Scenario 1. Once the EAD and AP are issued and 180 days has passed since 485 was received by USCIS, until I attend the 485 interview - can I switch to any job role with any employer regardless of restriction on EB1C managerial requirements ? Essentially if I have to wait 3 years for my 485 interview, can I do any job for most of that time after 485 180 days is up, and only switch back to managerial role similar to my i140 closer to my 485 interview date?

Scenario 2. If I lose my job before the i485 interview, will my 485 petition be denied if I dont have a job on the interview date? Or can I keep postponing the interview until I get a job?

Scenario 3. If I lose my job before the i485 interview, and I am unable to find a job by the 485 interview date, will any denial of my 485 petition also make me lose my PD? Or even if my 485 petition is denied, can I stay in the US and keep trying for a job matching my prev approved I140 petition and start a new 485 petition cycle?