L1A - EB1c I140 - will date of filing move for India

EB1C I140 is approved, priority data of Jan’19, reaching 7 years max in July’20. Will date of filing move for EB1 India in near future to file I485.

I do not think that your date of Jan 19 will be current in either chart by July 2020 for EB1C.

Thanks Anil, for your quick response.

I have few months to recapture to my 7 year max, plus i have a business travel outside US which will allow me to file PED extension till start of Nov’20.

Are there any chances to have dates of filing chart for EB1 India to move till Jan’19 by Oct-Nov’20 bulletin? Thanks a lot.

My estimate is that it will take at-least 2-3 years from now to get Jan 19 current.